As of September 1, 2012, SFI has closed its administrative offices.

General inquiries may be directed to Dwight Jewson: dwight@strategicframeworking.com.

Accounting questions may be directed to Helen Carey, Bookkeeper: helen@strategicframeworking.com. Tel: 206-463-3400

To contact former staff of SFI:

Dwight Jewson can be reached at dwight@strategicframeworking.com. Tel: 206-463-3400

Matthew Grunwald will continue to offer experienced project management services in his new firm, Green Forest Field Management www.greenforestfield.com. Matthew is known for his innovative approaches to tackling recruiting challenges. Green Forest Field Management offers a complete menu of project management services for diverse project methodologies, including focus groups, IDI's, ethnographies, and intercepts. GFFM also is experienced in managing multi-country studies, and manages projects start to finish, from obtaining the first facility bid to validating the final vendor invoice:

  • Screener design, development and implementation
  • Stewardship of all field activities with consultation to both moderator and end client
  • Supervision of project progress
  • Post-project wrap-up

Matthew can be reached at matthew@greenforestfield.com. Tel: 206-229-6804

Shira Nayman, Psy.D., continues to provide a full range of consulting services through her company, Shira Nayman Consulting (website in development). Maintaining her long-term relationships with SFI clients, Shira will also be delighted to work with new clients, conducting qualitative research and facilitating ideation, with a particular interest in branding initiatives and in-depth cultural analysis. Shira can be reached at shiranayman@gmail.com. Tel: 917-513-9799

Margaret Heffelfinger will continue to offer copy and creative direction. Margy can be reached at: margywords@gmail.com. www.margaretheffelfinger.com

Susan Hesselgrave is hanging up her well-worn administrative hat to pursue a creative passion: helping individuals express themselves through their personal presentation. Susan can be reached at susan@radianceimageconsulting.com.

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